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Saturday, 14 July 2012


It's my last day of vacation. And I can say, I'm still not used to going back to hostel. It's a mixed feeling. Excited for 2nd year and sad that I will be home only for one weekend in a month now onwards. I'm also excited to meet my college friends. :D And sad that I won't be meeting my Thane friends as often.

I had a sleepover with my bestfriend 2 nights back. It was super duper awesome! We roamed around in the car till dinner. We also went to marine drive and I had shawarma! And we ate cheese cake. ^_^ I couldn't click many pictures cuz I hadn't taken my camera stand and most of the pictures are fuzzy. But it's alright. It's all in my head. :)
Here are a few pictures:

Traffic bokeh! There was too much traffic! >.< But we heard so many songs on the wayy :D

Shawarma! :D

My bestfriend, Palak. :)

Cheese cake! *_*

A board hung at Moshe's! And we sure did all of that. :P

 Marine drive! *_*

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  1. awww, i love friend dates! sounds like you had fun! xo.