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Thursday, 13 December 2012


This post is dedicated to Taylor Allison Swift. Cuz hey, I'm a Swiftie. :]
Happy 23rd B'day Taylor Swift! I wish you knew how much I love you, how much you've inspired me, and how much I wish you have a concert in India.

Your fearless quote has inspired me the most. So much that I actually feel fearless, and to remind that to myself everyday, I got the word inked. :)

Here's a collage of her pictures that I made last year. :]

She's so prettyyyy. How I wish I get to have a photoshoot with her someday. <3

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Lo and behold! I'm back after eons. 

I'm back home for my Christmas vacations and I'm excited. :D There's just so much to do, so many books to read and so many places to go. <3 Presently I'm reading Cecelia Ahern's  'A place called here'. :) She has written some really amazing quotes! 

December is the month of Christmas and ofcourse I love getting gifts. Hehe. Let me make a wishlist here. (Mom, Dad, are you seeing this?) I have been semi good all year, so pretty please? ;;) :D 
The pictures have been taken from the net. :)

A pretty blue typewriter (with an additional blue ribbon). 

A pretty leather camera bag.

Any of these pretty sweaters<3

 Lots of letters from people who matter to me. :') (Adding a pretty ribbon to everything<3)

A 50mm Canon lens. (PLEASEPLEASEPELASE.)

Pretty and dainty necklaces. <3

Lots of wayfarer glasses of different colours. And also the kind of glasses Taylor swift wears in her 'you belong with me' video. :D

Handmade paper diaries. 

So I've been wanting this book since ages. The fault in our stars by John Green. 

A dream catcher. <3

Lots and lots of colourful balloons! 

Take me ice skating in some Scandinavian country. :')

Get me one of these which plays any Taylor Swift song. <3

Easiest person to please ever, no? :D 

A lot happened in November, there was a pre Christmas celebration in college and ofcourse the NH7 weekender music festival. :D Some pictures I clicked for those who missed the weekender (to make you jealous :P) :

The happiest music festival.

The Jinja Safari band. You should definitely listen to their song called mermaids. <3

The Dewarists stage. Oh, such prettypretty lights. <3

On the pre Christmas celebration in college, there were most pretty lights flying in the sky. <3

Friday, 21 September 2012


And what I feared most, happened. I didn't make any post in the last month and half. :( I feel terrible! A lot of things happened in that time. Fun things! :) We were taught adobe flash in college and it was so much fun!

I had gone to Goa last month with my friends. We attended the Kyoorius Design Yatra! It was amazing! All those goodies they gave us and the speakers and everything! I want to attend it every year! Ever since I attended it, I've been falling in love with typography. Here are a few pictures of the goodies:

Rest of the days were spent enjoying! We went to the beaches, rode the scooty, ate a lot of sea food and partied! :D The weather was kind of nice, there was hardly any sun and it didn't rain! Since my friends requested me not to put pictures of theirs, here are just two pictures of me on the beach. :)

Another amazing moment was when I received the MusiKus magazine from Germany with my photo on the cover-page! I'm so thankful to Sonja, the editor of the magazine for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. :) here it is:

Credits with my blog name. :D

And then, the Ganesh Chaturthi festival started on the 19th of September. Lord Ganesha is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. You can read more about the festival here. :)
And this is the Ganpati at my home:

My mom made modaks! And we had a lot of other sweets. :D

And lastly, two post cards and a letter were awaiting me when I came home a few days back. Letters never fail to get a smile on my face. :) Which reminds me, I have to post 3 letters by tomorrow! 

Have a lovely weekend ahead. :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


It's been ages since my last post. And I feel so guilty about it again. :( Today was India's Independence Day! :D There's this beautiful video I watched, a different way in which India's national anthem has been shown. You should definitely watch it. :)

Also I'm desperately waiting for a mail from Germany! I will post about it as soon as it arrives. :D
Here are a few pictures which I've clicked recently. 

Also, here are a few pictures with my friends. We had a holiday today so we went window shopping. :D And also had a lot to eat. :P

Friday, 27 July 2012


I had a photo collaboration with a wonderful friend of mine. We both clicked pictures with our violin and shared them. :) Her version is beautiful. :)
I haven't played my violin in a long long time and I feel really very guilty. After learning it for so many years, I shouldn't just stop playing it. I wish to resume the violin classes but my college is going to get more hectic now. :( Gah, it makes me feel sad. 
Anyways, I would love to know you honest opinions on the picture! :)

"Life is like playing the violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on." 
— Samuel Butler

Monday, 23 July 2012


I have been away for a longggg time! My college started last Monday. It has been a hectic schedule. Also, there is no wifi in hostel, only in the college. :( 
Last week we had our first course, typography. It was interesting, but also a little boring! We were actually doing alphabets. :| 
We were taught the san serif and serif fonts. Here's a picture of the serif font assignment:

A book I borrowed from the library about typography! It's really good. And I just realize that I'm a day late in returning it! :/
Typographic Design: Form and Communication by Bob Carter, Ben Day, Phillip B. Meggs.

A few pictures clicked in the garden today. :)

Fall For You

This is my favourite song at the moment. It's so beautiful. :') Please listen to it if you haven't! :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012


It's my last day of vacation. And I can say, I'm still not used to going back to hostel. It's a mixed feeling. Excited for 2nd year and sad that I will be home only for one weekend in a month now onwards. I'm also excited to meet my college friends. :D And sad that I won't be meeting my Thane friends as often.

I had a sleepover with my bestfriend 2 nights back. It was super duper awesome! We roamed around in the car till dinner. We also went to marine drive and I had shawarma! And we ate cheese cake. ^_^ I couldn't click many pictures cuz I hadn't taken my camera stand and most of the pictures are fuzzy. But it's alright. It's all in my head. :)
Here are a few pictures:

Traffic bokeh! There was too much traffic! >.< But we heard so many songs on the wayy :D

Shawarma! :D

My bestfriend, Palak. :)

Cheese cake! *_*

A board hung at Moshe's! And we sure did all of that. :P

 Marine drive! *_*

Monday, 9 July 2012


I'm not much into jewellery but when I do feel like it, these are my favourite ones to wear:

I hope your week has started off well. Its kinda raining a lot here in Mumbai. I need to take some violin shots before the week ends as I go back to hostel next weekend! I'm kinda both happy and sad about that. :):
I did a lot of shopping yesterday (and I actually got tired by the end of it :O ). I didn't have time to watch The Amazing Spiderman. Hopefully I get to watch it this week!
Now I'm off to meet my friends! :D Cya! :)