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Saturday, 30 June 2012


My internet was not working for two days and I was getting so restless! Finally the internet guy came and fixed it today. :D

2 Days back me and my friend Akshay, decided to go to a creek that can be seen from my balcony to click some pictures. We didn't know the directions to get there though. So we just started walking in the direction of the creek...and ended up in a wasteland! And there was no way ahead. So yeah, the plan was a flop. :| :P But we still did click some pictures. :D 

This is Akshay. :D With his camera and his new telefocal lens! 

I randomly clicked this picture of a street dog and later  when I got home and saw it, I realized the dog was drinking the dirty mud water. :(

And we were hoping it would stay sunny so we could click more pictures...

.....but soon grey clouds came along and it started to rain. :(

Later, me and my friend Chirag, we played carrom. I hardly played though. I was just clicking pictures. Haha. :D


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  1. some snapz does have a touch of professional...