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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


So it's my first post. Yay! It's the 26th of June 5pm exact. And this is Shweta from India. :D
I wanted to write. And what better place to write than here? A blog. :D
I got a Canon 550d 3 weeks back. And I've been experimenting with it, trying to get a hang of it. So I wanted to do some night shots. I went on the 23rd floor of my building, to this huge balcony which welcomes anyone from our building. I took my tripod stand along. And my little sister. Haha. :D
I think city lights are just gorgeous. I just CAN'T get enough of them. I'll be practicing night shots whenever I get a chance to (though rainy season is starting so I'm not sure it'll be soon enough :[ ).