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Thursday, 28 June 2012


                Is watching cooking shows making me fat? :( 

  Now that it's vacation time, apart from white collar and castle and blah blah, I also love watching cooking shows like:
  • Master chef Australia (the junior master chef was oh-so-amazing*_*)
  • Fabulous Cakes (Ah, my favourite of the lot)
  • Gordon's Great Escape
and many other shows which I just watch randomly.
I always used to wonder, "What if I gain fat by just looking at this amazing food they're making? Like some hormones get activated and something." Till now I just wondered. But today I confirmed that 'something' does happen. Maybe I do gain fat by just looking at these cooking shows. :(

As the experts would say it:
"We all know,, that looking at, smelling or even thinking about food can cause us to start salivating and trigger digestive enzymes. It is not unreasonable to conclude that some people could indeed become fat simply by looking at high-sugar foods such as slices of chocolate cake. The visual cue may well send a signal to the pancreas to get the insulin ready - and too much insulin, as basic science tells us, is what makes us fat."

To read more about this article, click here.


  1. that's so crazy if that's true!! i used to watch cooking shows all. the. time. it's literally all i would watch! so i'm in trouble :p


  2. I've been watching cooking shows too, i find them so inspiring!